About AlmaScience

Founded in 2019, AlmaScience is a privately held applied research organization focused on developing and commercializing sustainable cellulose and paper-based electronics, devices, and systems.
After reaching substantial breakthroughs and turning our research outcomes into products and solutions, we now collaborate with renowned brands and leading companies in various domains such as smart packaging, retail, logistics, supply chain, healthcare, IoT, security, and construction.

Our agile and multidisciplinary team of over 30 experts pioneers the advancement and marketization of sustainable products and processes. Acting as an internal innovation lab for our partners, we bridge the gap between business ideas and functional product results to seize market opportunities.

AlmaScience is

We merge technology with sustainability. We embrace change and constantly strive for improvement
We prioritize the development of devices and solutions that are based on sustainable materials and friendly methods of production
We promote and welcome collaborative development with new partners externally, and maintain an atmosphere of acceptance, liberality, and global interconnectedness internally
We operate and respond quickly to the evolving needs of our customers and partners, to ensure efficient and effective outcomes

Our people

AlmaScience’s diverse team is composed of over 30 PhDs and research assistants who possess exceptional knowledge and expertise in various fields such as chemistry, materials science, printing technology, electronics, paper technology, and biology.

As we focus on industrial projects and commercialization, we also have skilled and experienced business development and product teams, who excel at quickly understanding the unique needs of our partners and translating them into actionable innovation and R&D plans.
Meet the team

The Smart Paper Incubator

The Smart Paper incubator is nurturing a pipeline of promising early-stage technologies that provide an answer to the increasing industry demand for cost-effective, easy-to-produce, high-performance technology solutions that have a low environmental footprint.
Market focus
Smart and intelligent packaging
Paper-based large-area electronics
Printed RFID solutions
Smart Retail
Sustainable IoT devices for food monitoring and supply chain traceability
Sustainable energy generating materials.
Paper is

Ushering in the era of sustainable technology

By employing eco-design strategies and incorporating sustainable materials and processes, AlmaScience innovation lab is ushering in the era of sustainable technology and developing paper and biomaterials-based electronics, technologies, devices, and systems. The lab’s creations provide an answer to the increasing demand by industry for cost-effective, easy-to-produce, high-performance technology solutions that have a low environmental footprint.
AlmaScience innovation lab provides the following services:
Fast ideation, proof of concept, and prototyping services for brands and tier 1 companies that are looking to create quick demos, develop concepts, or have innovative ideas or needs within their line of business for which they do not have the technical know-how to realize. 
Sub-contract development and prototyping services for other research organizations.
Partnering with multinational companies as design partners for commercializing in-house IP and serving our portfolio of in-house start-ups.