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Prof. Rodrigo Martins to receive the SPM Career and Recognition 2021 Prize

27th January 2022

SPM – The Portuguese materials association, has decided to award the “Career and Recognition 2021” Prize to Prof. Rodrigo Martins, a member of the AlmaScience Technical and Scientific Council and one of the inventors of the paper electronics concept.

Prof. Rodrigo Martins is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at New University of Lisbon, and acting president of the European Academy of Sciences, as well as other distinguished positions in mutliple boards and associations.

Prof. Martins is one of the inventors of the paper electronics concept, where paper is exploited not only as a substrate but also as a functional component in active devices. Such devices hold the potential to bring computer intelligence into everyday objects such as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in shipping and inventory management, and self-updating plane tickets, business cards, and food labels.

This award distinguishes his remarkable career and recognizes the contribution made by Rodrigo Martins to the Portuguese and world scientific community.
The handover ceremony will take place in April during the MATERIAIS 2022 congress in Marinha Grande.

Festas Felizes


27th December 2021

 We are proud to announce that AlmaScience is officially an associate member of Tecnicelpa, a professional non-profit organization whose mission is to “promote the technical-professional and scientific improvement of associates, as well as sectors of recognized interest in the pulp and paper industry”.  

Thus, AlmaScience actively participates in the development and promotion of the Pulp and cellulose-based sector, sharing its know-how in R&D and Innovation, maintaining direct contact with several national and internationally renowned organizations in the sector of activity. 
Learn more about Tecnicelpa here: TECNICELPA – Associação Portuguesa dos Técnicos das Indústrias de Celulose e Papel

Festas Felizes

Happy Holidays

14th December 2021


AlmaScience wishes all its Employees, Partners, Associates and Suppliers, Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year.

Researcher Night 2021

Health Clusters Portugal

3rd December 2021

AlmaScience is now officially an associate member of Health Cluster Portugal (HCP), a private non-profit organization whose mission is “to make Portugal a competitive player in the research, design, development, manufacture, and marketing of products and services associated with Health”.

AlmaScience joins more than 180 existing member organizations in Portugal that are working towards technological Innovation in Health, reinforcing our R&D strategy in this sector of activity.

Learn more about HCP here:


Researcher Night 2021

European Researchers’ Night

24th September 2021

On the 24th AlmaScience researchers participated in the European Researchers’ Night, a research communication and promotion event that brings research and researchers closer to the public at large, with a focus notably on families, pupils and students.

Together with our  associate CENIMAT  / FCTNOVA we presented our ongoing research on Mechanical Energy Harverters that simply converts the wasted energy from our daily movements into electrical energy.

We are overwhelmed with the response we got from the visitors that includes adults to kids – a broad and diverse range indeed both in terms of experience and excitement! But we are more than happy to see that our demonstrators made all of them delighted.
It was a great evening for all of us!

Thank you all! Hope to participate again in the future to promote our vision in AlmaScience towards Sustainable Developments!
Thank you Sumita Goswami, Tomas Freire and Shubham Das for representing AlmaScience.

Mission to Grenoble, France under CNRS International Emerging Action program

15th September 2021

João Resende visited Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique (LMGP) in Grenoble, France from the 6th to 10th of September to start a collaboration project called MOCAS under CNRS International Emerging Action program. The project intends to explore new ecological and game-changing paper-based composited, using low-cost production techniques of oxides, which are compatible with roll-to-roll industrial processes. He also had presented a seminar, highlighting the mission and goals of ALMASCIENCE, focused on cellulose based smart and sustainable applications.

Official Launch of EMERGE Project

9th September 2021

The kick-off meeting of the EMERGE project, the first non-silicon flexible electronics infrastructure, coordinated by UNINOVA and  Professors Elvira Fortunato and Rodrigo Martins, took place on September 9.

The aim of the project is to establish a research infrastructure platform in the field of flexible, hybrid and printed electronics on recyclable substrates using eco-friendly materials and processes that provides open access to research institutes and centres, SMEs and industry, related to flexible large area printed electronics and photonics (FLAPEP).

The project has the participation of 11 partners: UNINOVA (coordinator), Portugal; Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece; Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies, Poland; Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH , Helmholtz; Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy, Germany; Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia, Spain; JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria; Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, Áustria; Technische Universität Dresden, Germany; Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas, Greece; RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Sweden and ; AlmaScience, Portugal.

This is the first EU funded project of AlmaScience.

Presence at the 10th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE2021)

1st September 2021

AlmaScience participated on the 10th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE2021)

Sumita Goswami represented AlmaScience and provided an oral presentation, entitled “Be Green, Be Smart”,  on the 10th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE2021). The meeting was to happen in Kiev (Ukraine) on August1-4 but was held remotely.

More information on the conference :

Highlight on the Ciência e Tecnologia dos Materiais magazine

30th  July 2021

Highlighting the importance of the Paper sector in Portugal, Paper and Innovation was the topic of the last number of the magazine Ciência e Tecnologia dos Materiais  of Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais (SPM). Luís Pereira, AlmaScience Scientific and Technical Director was the guest editor.
AlmaScience is featured on the Dissemination and R&D project’s section.

Previously, AlmaScience was also on the spotlight at the march number of the newsletter of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências Florestais.

Complete issue can be found  here ( .

Ciência Viva no laboratório 2021

23rd  July 2021

AlmaScience participated in Ciência Viva no Laboratório Initiative, together with the associate NOVA/CENIMAT.

AlmaScience was present at the 25th edition of Ciência Viva no Laboratório, in collaboration with CENIMAT and DCM ( FCT NOVA). In the internship “A PAPER SHEET CAN BE AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT”, led by AlmaScience Senior Researcher Cristina Gaspar, students had the opportunity to produce a variety of sensors on paper, by printing technologies and see them working.
Sumita Goswami, also Senior Researcher, collaborated in the internship Electronic Fibres that generate energy. This year’s edition was participated by 34 students from 9th to 12th grade of high school and provided them the chance to get closer to research and innovation activities and to understand science impact.

Talk at the Online Conference Cycle organized by Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais (SPM, Portuguese Materials Society)

21st  July 2021

Luís Pereira, AlmaScience Technical and Scientifical Director, and former ERC-grantee, was invited to participate on the on-line conference cycle organized by SPM, dedicated to Materials research in the scope of ERCs grants.

Encontro Ciência ‘21

1st July 2021

The 2021 edition of Encontro Ciência took place in an hybrid format last 28-30 june. The theme around the event was “A Ciência que faz o Amanhã e transforma a Economia”.

The meeting’s program of included thematic sessions one of which dedicated to CoLABs. It had the participation of several Colabs namely  DTx – Digital Transformation CoLAB, BUILT CoLAB, Value for Health CoLAB, +ATLANTIC, MORE – Research Mountains Collaborative Laboratory, BIOREF – Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB), VORTEX-CoLab, CoLAB NET4CO2 and ALMASCIENCE – Beyond Paper.

During the session three themes were addressed: Artificial Intelligence as an innovation mega trend; Success factors in attracting competitive funding; and, Intellectual Property (IP) : Protect to enhance. Carlos Silva, AlmaScience CEO, had the opportunity to share AlmaScience insights on IP related issues.

Work of João Resende and former colleagues highlighted on the backcover of Small journal

17th June 2021

In the “Memristive Devices: Planar and Transparent Memristive Devices Based on Titanium Oxide Coated Silver Nanowire Networks with Tunable Switching Voltage”, published in Small (21/2021), the team demonstrates transparent resistive switching devices entirely fabricated by open-air approaches, without a deposition chamber. The threshold voltage can be tuned by adjusting the density of AgNWs, while maintaining a high LRS/HRS ratio. The researchers show the effect of oxide thickness on the threshold-switching phenomenon, thus shedding light on the conduction mechanism of this type of switching devices. This was chosen to illustrate the backcover of the issue.

New paper with the collaboration of AlmaScience Reseachers

15th June 2021

Luís Pereira and Diana Gaspar co-authored, with colleagues of AlmaScience associate FCT-NOVA/CENIMAT,  a paper on new nature-based engineered functional materials. This paper presents a new generation of versatile flexible and highly conformable regenerated cellulose hydrogel electrolytes with high ionic conductivity and self-healing ability, capable of being (re)used in electrical and electrochemical devices.

AlmaScience participated on the webinar “Packaging : Trends and Opportunities | Embalagem: Tendências e Oportunidades”

1st June 2021 

PortugalFoods organized, last June 1st, a webinar on the theme of Packaging for products in the agri-food sector, highlighting the trends and opportunities in 2021.

Product Packaging Trends for 2021 are justified by changes in consumer behaviour. As normality returns, packaging may become even more of a guarantee of trust, safety and even loyalty in relation to the products consumed. Accessibility, convenience and protection are values that are at the top of the hierarchy that defines the consumers’ choice at the moment of decision.

The meeting focused on the concepts of intelligent packaging and packaging design, bringing together the scientific perspective and the business perspective. Luís Pereira, AlmaScience Scientific and Technical Director shared our views, with a talk focused on Smartpackaging.

Andreia Santos awarded with the Sensors 2020 Best Cover Award
27th May 2021 

 Almascience researcher Andreia Santos received the Sensors 2020 Best Cover Award of the magazine Sensors, with the review paper “Transduction Mechanisms, Micro-structuring Techniques, and Applications of Electronic Skin Pressure Sensors: A Review of Recent Advances” (doi: 10.3390/s20164407). This paper is related related to her PhD studies performed at our associate FCT-NOVA (DCM, CENIMAT,CEMOP) under the scientific supervision of Prof. Rui Igrejas and Prof. Hugo Águas.

New associate – FIRMO

18th May 2021 

Last march the General Assembly of AlmaScience approved a new associate – FIRMO. With more than 60 years of history and established in the great Oporto area, FIRMO is a Portuguese company producing and distributing paper-based school and office supplies.
For AlmaScience it is of great relevance to have FIRMO onboard as an associate, as noted by our Scientific and Technical Director, Luís Pereira :

“FIRMO is a major player in the market of paper-based school and office supplies. Despite being a well-established business, we believe there is space for innovation in integrating physical and digital solutions. By combining the FIRMO market knowledge with the technological solutions that can be provided by AlmaScience, I expect innovative solutions with high market potential to be developed”.

For FIRMO, on the other hand, as stated by its CEO Rui Carvalho, joining AlmaScience represents an opportunity to reinforce its R&D strategy, in the pursuit of new solutions for technological and sustainable new products. FIRMO is sure that this collaboration will translate in future technological advances that will bring to life products that will be able to disrupt the school and office supplies market, contributing for the competitive affirmation of FIRMO as a leader in the sector where it operates.”

Horizon Europe /MSCA Info Session for Team and Associates

7th May 2021 

CoLabs main objective is to directly and indirectly create qualified employment and scientific employment in Portugal through the implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at the creation of economic and social value. On the other hand, CoLabs should foster of internationalisation of national scientific and technological capacity, relevant intervention areas and conduct R&D activities that enhance synergies with scientific and higher education institutions, in particular in the context of specialised, vocational or advanced training programmes in close collaboration with social, economic and cultural partners. In this context, Horizon Europe and EU funding opportunities play a key role. Having this in mind and as part of AlmaScience internationalization and funding diversification strategy, Tatiana Costa, AlmaScience Innovation, IP and Funding manager organized an internal information session, targeted at AlmaScience’s team and associates. In this second event, the focus was on Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Targeted at supporting researchers at all stages of their careers and the cooperation between industry and academia and innovative training to enhance employability and career development, MSCA was a very successful programme under the previous EU framework, Horizon 2020, and the expectations are high for Horizon Europe.

AlmaScience has joined Inova-Ria

4th May 2021 

AlmaScience has recently joined Inova-Ria . Inova-Ria – Association of Companies for an Innovation Network in Aveiro is a non-profit organization that aims the creation and consolidation of a cluster in the area of Information Technology, Communication and Electronics, with special focus on telecommunications, centered in the Aveiro region.

Inova-Ria is crucial to the innovation ecosystem formed by companies, educational institutions and Research and Development institutions in the area of information technologies, communication and electronics in the Aveiro region. It currently assumes an active role in stimulating and creating value in the sectors it represents, being recognized as the associative entity of the central region that gathers a valuable set of technology-intensive companies, start-ups, small and medium consolidated companies and some large companies.

This collaboration is aligned with the networking strategy of AlmaScience and will contribute building stronger relations with Aveiro Region companies.

AlmaScience Team keeps growing – 9 more new jobs created

26th April 2021 

Between March and April 2021, AlmaScience welcomed 9 more collaborators – 2 Senior Researchers and 7 Junior Researchers. Coming from different entities and countries, they reinforce the existing team in the areas of paper technology, Chemistry and Electronics. The team is now composed by 22 elements. These positions are supported by the Centro 2020 Operational Program (CENTRO-04-3559-FSE-000094), by Lisboa 2020 Operational Program (LISBOA-05-3559-FSE-000007) in the Competitiveness and Employment thematic area, through the European Social Fund (ESF) and FCT, I.P. More information about the team here.

Review Paper on cellulose, electronics and sustainability

19th April 2021 

Our researchers Sumita Goswami, Diana Gaspar and Luís Pereira, together with colleagues from our Associate NOVA, co-authored a review paper on the contributions and potential of cellulose in reducing e-waste and contributing to circular economy. The paper analyses the global challenge created by the digital era and the increasing waste created by electronics, reviews on the potential of paper/cellulose as a substrate for electronic devices and explores the technicalities of the deposition of functional materials on paper and provides insights on paper based devices and applications.

Citation: Nandy, S. , Goswami, S., Marques, A., Gaspar D., Grey P., Cunha, I., Nunes, D., Pimentel, A., Igreja, R., Barquinha, P., Pereira, L., Fortunato E., Martins, R., Cellulose: A Contribution for the Zero e-Waste Challenge. AdvMatTech, 2021 ,

Research Article published

7th April 2021 

João Resende is the first author of a new study on nanowire networks. This paper, co-authored by colleagues of the University of Grenoble and of the Phenikaa University (Vietnam), focus on the development of devises based on nanocomposites of silver nanowire networks and titanium oxide and that are produced at low-cost, atmospheric pressure, and using scalable techniques, which enables their application in printable, flexible, and transparent electronics. Available here.

Oe-A and PortugalFoods membership

5th April 2021 

As part of AlmaScience networking strategy and aligned with the goal of developing a national and international network with reference R&D&I partners, AlmaScience has recently became joined OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) and PortugalFoods. These are key organizations in the frame of AlmaScience R&D agenda. In fact, OE-A is the leading international industry association for the emerging technology of organic and printed electronics. Representing the entire value chain, OE-A provides a unique platform for local and international cooperation between companies and research institutes. In that regards, it facilitates an international network, fosters and advocates the flexible, organic and printed electronics community, and seeks cooperation with other markets and technical communities. It also offers many activities to further strengthen and develop the organic and printed electronics industry. On the other hand, PortugalFoods is the leader of the Portuguese Agrofood Cluster,and its mission is to reinforce the competitiveness of the sector by increasing the technological index, promoting the production, transfer, application and valorization of innovation-oriented knowledge, as well as promoting the internationalization of the sector.
It is expected that in a near future, opportunities in terms of projects, events and much more will arise, in a win-win relationship.

First working anniversary

1st April 2021 

On the 1st of April AlmaScience celebrates the 1st working anniversary of some of the team members. The best way to understand what this first year meant is to read their own testimonials:

Andreia Santos, Junior Researcher

“The first year at AlmaScience had to be constantly adjusted to the rules imposed due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, it was not a very intensive year of exploratory work at the laboratory, yet this time was an opportunity to prepare projects and future work with greater detail and deepness. Our team recently expanded, and our minds are being flooded with ideas to implement as soon as possible, so hopefully next year will give us the chance to materialize those ideas and start building a strong portfolio of exciting applications.”

Cristina Gaspar, Senior Researcher

“Despite the challenging year of 2020, AlmaScience re-invented their way of work allowing for the workers to adapt and transform to the new demands. I felt not only provoked but enthusiastic, trying to find new products to develop, apply for meaningful projects and grow both as an individual and as a professional during this complicated year. AlmaScience gave me the opportunity to work more creatively, beyond what was expected, trying to create a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

João Resende, Senior Researcher

“After one year as researcher at AlmaScience, the outcome is very positive. Even in the current pandemic context, it has been an enriching experience with a lot of learning moments and sharing of knowledge with the rest of the team. The shift from an academic background into applied research has been both challenging and inspiring, due to the current target to develop innovative projects to solve environmental, social and technological issues.”

Sumita Goswami, Senior Researcher

“I have joined Almascience Team one year ago in last April. It has been an incredible experience to work with such an enthusiastic team full of multi-talented and resourceful persons. During this one year, even in such a special situation of “work from home”, we have moved forward every step together whether it is planning or dissemination or community growth. Innovative minds, sustainable developments, gender equality- all these define our goal and team. Feel proud to be associated as a member. Looking forward to the coming explorations”.

Tomás Freire, Junior Researcher

“Our journey started a year ago amidst the Covid-19 pandemic with a team of 15 people with different backgrounds. Despite the non-optimal work conditions for a starting company, we took this time to gauge our experiences and how they could be useful to, as soon as possible, make work out of it and start to develop our business.
For me, as a junior researcher with little to no big experience in project planning, this was an enriching experience and a chance to put to use my skills and further develop them.
At the present time, some members have left to pursue other dreams and other have joined increasing AlmaScience’s ranks and bringing fresh perspectives and new expertise. This year was definitely challenging but we could manage to make work out of every obstacle. For the years to come I don’t know what to expect but I am sure we as team will seize ever possible opportunity and turn them into incredible things!”

Horizon Europe / EIC Info Session for Team and Associates

27th March 2021 

Horizon Europe first calls were just launched and as part of the activities and strategy to boost the participation of AlmaScience and its associates in European funding programs and in order to maximize the opportunities that will arise within them, Tatiana Costa, AlmaScience Innovation, IP and Funding manager organized an internal information session. This was targeted at AlmaScience’s team and associates, and focused on Horizon Europe and specifically to the opportunities under the European Innovation Council (EIC). The initiative counted with the participation of AlmaScience researchers and representatives of several associates.

AlmaScience celebrates its 1st year of activity

2nd March 2021 

 Last 1st of March, AlmaScience celebrated its first year of activity. It was a very challenging year and whatever one could have imagined compared to what it was indeed is beyond what it could have been foreseen.
The activities started with the first day on the job of Marta Lopes, one of our senior researchers on Paper Technology. But the pandemic and the first lock down changed the pace and the plans. The majority of the team was hired and started working during the lockdown and, without access to the labs, the team was mainly dedicated on project writing and roadmap’s definition (mainly focused on Smart packaging, Point-of-care/point of need and Security). Later in the summer, when access to laboratory was possible, the team started with hands-on work, working on our associates projects. Also, a set of basic technologies essential to the materialization of the global R&D agenda was developed, with the aim of delivering new materials, basic technologies (building blocks), products and applications. In the difficult circumstances in which the operations have begun, the role of the team, the members of the Scientific-Technical Council and all the members of the Board of Directors in this process should be emphasized. Indeed, and without prejudice to the difficulties involved in setting up a governance model and working in a deeply collaborative way, such as the one that is at the core of Almascience, it has always been possible to generate consensus and create the conditions for the team to grow and evolve.
Here’s to an even more productive Year Two!

New funded project just started!

1st March 2021 

The 1st of march was the official start date of IDS-paper project, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. The project is lead by NOVA, through CENIMAT, and coordinated by Prof. Rodrigo Martins.
IDS-Paper aims to establish an integrated and innovative self-sustained green electronic system paper-based for wireless communication applications that addresses the ubiquitous security and low cost green electronic sectors and their translation towards products that capture the needs associated with the Internet of Things and cyber security matters, fully aligned with the expected transition towards the green deal prosperity mission of the future.
To know more about the project, check here.

AlmaScience participated in Entrepreneurship and Employability Initiatives

26th February 2021 

During February and aligned with its goals of promoting Science, Employability and Entrepreneurship as well as to increase scientific literacy, AlmaScience has participated in different initiatives. Luís Pereira, AlmaScience Technical and Scientific Director was invited to speak at JorTec DCM – Jornadas Tecnológicas do Departamento de Ciência dos Materiais on employability.
JorTec DCM is an event that takes place at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon, aiming at providing to all those interested in the area of materials and nanotechnology, lectures, workshops and some debates where they can share ideas and consolidate knowledge. Luis was also interviewed by NaNu-Núcleo de Nanotecnologia, in the frame of Nanochats, where he shared some ideas on AlmaScience and the opportunities that the organization represents for young researchers.
Finally, Tatiana Costa participated as mentor on the NOVATECHSHIP Empreendedorismo 2021 Programme, where she add the opportunity to help young entrepreneurs to further develop their ideas. The course is the largest university course of entrepreneurship in Europe, with more than 1000 enrolled students from different areas of engineering and sciences and it allows the development a wide range of skills, in order to prepare students to undertake innovative projects or to develop technological-base startups.

New paper published

15th February 2021 

Resulting form her PhD studies, our researcher Andreia Santos, published a new paper. It is entitled “Optimization of ZnO Nanorods Concentration in a Micro-Structured Polymeric Composite for Nanogenerators”. The published work “studies a composite with variable concentrations of ZnO nanorods (NRs), grown by microwave radiation assisted hydrothermal synthesis, and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). A nanogenerator (NG) was fabricated and it was shown that the energy generated by the NG could be stored and later employed to power small electronic devices. This demonstrates its potential as an energy harvesting device and unravels several different applications.

Citation : dos Santos, A.; Sabino, F.; Rovisco, A.; Barquinha, P.; Águas, H.; Fortunato, E.; Martins, R.; Igreja, R. Optimization of ZnO Nanorods Concentration in a Micro-Structured Polymeric Composite for Nanogenerators. Chemosensors 2021, 9, 27.

PhD thesis Defense

8th February 2021 

On February 8th , our junior researcher Andreia Santos successfully defended her PhD thesis. In line with the “new normal” the exam took place on remotely. The thesis was entitled “development of Multifunctional E-skin Sensors”.

João Resende published a new paper

4th January 2021 

João Resende, one of our senior researchers, saw published a new paper, that resulted from his previous work in France. The paper, entitled “Dynamic degradation of metallic nanowire networks under electrical stress: a comparison between experiments and simulations”, presents innovative results on the degradation of Silver Nanowire Networks and resulted from a long collaboration between LEPMI and LMGP. It is available in Nanoscale Advances, a recent open-acess journal from The Royal Society of Chemistry.
It can be accessed here.

Citation: Charvin, N., Resende, J., Papanastasiou, D.T., Muñoz-Rojas, D., Jiménez, C., Nourdine, A., Bellet, D., Flandin, L. , Dynamic degradation of metallic nanowire networks under electrical stress: a comparison between experiments and simulations, Nanoscale Advances, 2021, issue 3.

Participation in “Inovar na Intersecção” meeting

18th December 2020 

Inovar na Intersecção is a set of virtual co-creation meetings through the design thinking methodology, subordinated to areas of scientific and technological innovation. AlmaScience participated in the session that took place on December 15th, represented by Tatiana Costa. During the meeting, the participants, that came from universities, colabs, clusters and industry, were divided in work groups and challenged to answer the challenge How to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between academia and the market?, the ideation model and online collaborative tools such as Miro. The session encouraged teamwork and promoted new ways to respond effectively to the demands of the innovation ecosystem and the national business market. The report of the session can be found here.

Funding Opportunities in Horizon Europe

12th December 2020 

In November AlmaScience has welcomed Luís Pereira as Scientific and Technical Director.

Last Thursday, 10th December, Tatiana Costa, AlmaScience Innovation, IP and Funding Manager, attended the virtual event “ Funding Opportunities in Horizon Europe” organized by PERIN – Portugal in Europe research and innovation network. The event was hosted by FCT. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the future funding opportunities in the next funding framework, namely what to expect in terms of the European Research Council, Marie-Curie actions, Research Infrastructures and in the transversal thematic “Widening Participation and the strengthening of the ERA”.

To know: PERIN Network results of the definition and professionalization of the Promotion Office of the Framework Program for R&DT (GPPQ). It involves the institutional partners Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, IP (FCT), the National Innovation Agency (ANI), SA, the Portuguese Space Agency (PT Space), the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation (AICIB), the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES) and the National Erasmus + Education and Training Agency. Its mission is to reinforce and double Portugal’s participation within the framework of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, and to promote the use of structural funds as a counterpart national level in all instruments that provide for co-financing.

AlmaScience welcomed its Scientific and Technical Director

20th November 2020 

In November AlmaScience has welcomed Luís Pereira as Scientific and Technical Director.

Luís joined AlmaScience after consolidating his research career at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia/Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL), where he was Professor from 2012 to 2020. His initial research has focused on the development of printed inorganic nanostructured materials for chromogenic, electronic and electrochemical devices on paper and plastic substrates. He was involved in the team that demonstrated for the first-time transistors made of oxides with paper acting as gate dielectric. In 2015, he was awarded with a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant on the development of cellulose nanocomposites for paper electronics (New-Fun, project 640598). He has authored and co-authored more than 180 publications in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings of the ISI with more than 10000 citations.

His recent research interests relate with the design and synthesis of 1D, 2D and 3D inorganic and hybrid nanostructures, chiral cellulose nanocomposites, functional micro and nanofibers and its integration on chromogenic, electronic and electrochemical devices.
On a brief declaration, stated

“I am thrilled with this new challenge. It means recognition, opportunity, and responsibility as well as a huge commitment both with our government and with AlmaScience associates, to turn valuable knowledge and enabling technologies into products and services towards a more sustainable society.“

Carlos Silva, ASc CEO and president of the Board, comments that “Provided the track record and career of Luís, he was an obvious option to take the lead on the scientific and technical strategy of AlmaScience. We are very confident on his capabilities and on his success”.

AlmaScience participated at Encontro Ciência’20

18th November 2020 

The Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal annual event took place last 3rd and 4th November. This year, due to COVID-19 pandemics, it happened in an hybrid-format with limited on-site presences and many virtual sessions.
AlmaScience Scientific and Technical Director, Luís Pereira, participated on the thematic session dedicated to CoLabs – CoLAB no Encontro Ciência´20, organized by ANI. It was an opportunity to present our work and ideas and to get to know more about the CoLab ecosystem.
Know more about the event.

AlmaScience participated in 1st Annual Meeting of Collaborative Laboratories

19th October 2020 

In an innovative virtual format due to the pandemics, the event was organized by ANI and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and took place on the 16th and 17th october at Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, Oporto. The event, dedicated to the progressive evolution of CoLABs and their integration in Portugal and Europe, was participated by representatives of each of the 26 approved Colabs and focused on the disclosure of current state of implementation and evolution the CoLABs.
It counted also with the participation of the panel of international mentors who are part of the ongoing monitoring program. The sessions were chaired by Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education. AlmaScience was represented by Carlos Silva and Luís Pereira.

Elvira Fortunato work was distinguished by the European Commision – Winner of Horizon Impact Award 2020

23rd September 2020 

Elvira Fortunato was one of the winners of the “Horizon Impact Award 2020”. This prize distinguished the “INVISIBLE”, project. This project set up the basis for the development of the first display produced with sustainable materials, with application in endless applications and sectors and which is already being commercialized. Maryia Gabriel , Commissionaer for Innovation , Research, Culture, Education and Youth stressed that “European research and innovation programmes fund the best ideas to advance science and generate knowledge but also to translate these results into concrete benefits for society. The Horizon Impact Award serves to demonstrate how successful uptake of research results can create impact in every corner of our society. I am delighted to see that there are many great examples of how research and innovation directly benefits citizens. In many different ways, their ideas and products have changed people’s daily lives for the better.”

Horizon Impact Award prize support distinguishes the projects funded by EC, in the frame of H2020 programme whose results created social impact in Europe and worldwide.

AlmaScience attended the B2B Health Innovation Market 2020.

18th September 2020 

This virtual matchmaking event took place on the 15th, 16th and 17th September and was organized by CEC/CCIC – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Centro Region (Portugal) and ANI – Portuguese National Innovation Agency, with the support of EEN – Enterprise Europe Network , in collaboration with the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP). The event had over 100 participants from at least 19 countries.
Almascience , represented by Tatiana Costa, the Innovation, IP and Funding Manager, had the opportunity to meet bilaterally with different stakeholders. It was a great chance to identify potential partners and explore opportunities to expand business and to commercialise new products.

AlmaScience attended the 1st AIPIA Virtual Congress on Smart Packaging (SP)

14th September 2020 

Cristina Gaspar, Senior Researcher at Almascience, participated on the 1st AIPIA Virtual Congress on Smart Packaging (SP) the past 10th of September 2020. The event had over 65 live broadcast speakers, 40 technology streams, 2 Brand Challenges, 30 online booths with 210 expert staff and 5 panel discussions. The virtual exhibition attracted over 620 visitors.
The main drive force for the realization of the online event was to build the SP Industry in the smartest way, allowing for delegates to interact with speakers, brands, networking with researchers and big company directors, reaching a bigger audience, while acknowledging Why SP is important in the current days.
The event showcased live presentations, Q&A with speakers, technology streams, brand challenges, one-to-one chats and virtual booths to interact with.
AlmaScience attended very interesting talks, regarding SP, where several current issues and trends in the field, in line with AlmaScience activities. It also discovered relevant companies that are already producing great products, increasing its networking and possible future partners/associates. In order to highlight a few of the addressed focus areas of interest and activity for AlmaScience: sustainability, recycling, connectivity, interactive and authentication. From minimizing food waste by SP, benefits of connected packaging, intelligent logistics, recycling and sustainability of SP, tamper-detection solutions, from authentication to customer engagement to even shelf life extension for fresh goods, the drive force for all was sustainability and recyclability.
The congress continues on with exclusive access to all the presentations and booth material for one month and with a special event on the 7th of October 2020. An AIPIA virtual community was created, where AlmaScience can meet all the Congress Delegates, Speakers and Panelists of AIPIA Virtual Congress. Exchanging messages, see profiles and interests and be part of this exciting and growing industry are part of that community with SP as a common interest.

Elvira Fortunato, one of our board members in “Grande Entrevista”

12th August 2020 

Elvira Fortunato, pioneer in paper electronics and one of our board members was interviewed by Vitor Gonçalves in the programme “Grande Entrevista”. She spoke about paper electronics, science in general and about Almascience.

We are hiring!

31st July 2020

CoLAB’s main objective is to create, directly and indirectly, qualified employment and scientific employment in Portugal. Almascience has exciting projects starting and intends to reinforce its team in the field of Paper manufacturing, Software Engineering and Electronics Design/Embedded Systems. In that context, there are several open opportunities.
For more information consult our recruiting page.

AlmaScience Participates in different initiatives related with funding opportunities and EU Policy

16th July 2020

In July, AlmaScience actively engaged in several events.
On July 10th, AlmaScience Innovation, IP and Funding manager, Tatiana Costa, was present on the Infoday – European Digital Innovation Hubs and on the workshop that followed. Insightful information on the creation of the national network of DIH was provided as well as possibilities of integration with the European network.
On July 16th , the team participated in the session organized by ANI dedicated to “HORIZON 2020: European Green Deal Call”.
This event aimed to inform the national community about the European Green Deal Call, so that the different stakeholders can prepare in time. The program, started at 11 am, and counted with the participation of a representative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG-RTD).
Both events had many participants and provided good moments of (virtual) networking and information sharing.

AlmaScience has created 13 new jobs

30th June 2020 

In June 2020, AlmaScience has finished the first round of recruitment. In the frame of these first months of activity, 13 highly qualified jobs were created. These include senior and junior scientists as well as management positions. The team is settled in 2 poles, one in the headquarters of FCT NOVA, in Lisbon, and the other at the headquarters of Raiz, in Aveiro. These positions are supported by the Centro 2020 Operational Program (CENTRO-04-3559-FSE-000094), by Lisboa 2020 Operational Program (LISBOA-05-3559-FSE-000007) in the Competitiveness and Employment thematic area, through the European Social Fund (ESF) and FCT, I.P. .
Meet our team here.

AlmaScience recognised with Colab seal

1st April 2020

CoLAB’s main objective is to create, directly and indirectly, qualified employment and scientific employment in Portugal through the implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at creating economic and social value. AlmaScience was approved to receive the title of COLAB in November 2018.
See the latest ANI publication on COLABs.