ALMASCIENCE aims to establish in Portugal an integrated and innovative sustainable smart
paper-based platform able to serve 
multi-sectors, with fully recyclable, eco-product-ranges, capturing the needs associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The vision is to establish a brand new and innovation
driven bridge, connecting:

Science labs with outstanding track record at European level in the fields of Advanced functional materials and pioneers in promoting the area of Transparent Electronics and paper electronics;
Paper and pulp developers, producers and new cellulose materials developers;
End-users willing to revolutionize their market approach through ecological and sustainable solutions.

Technological and scientific founding associates:


Supporting R&D activities focused on advanced functional materials for micro and nanotechnologies and soft and biofunctional materials.

Raiz - Forest and Paper Research Institute

Supporting R&D activities focused on paper pulp new substrates and functionalized paper manufacturing.

Fraunhofer Portugal Research

Supporting R&D activities focused on Embedded Electronics and Sensor fusion & Embedded intelligence.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

General/multidisciplinary support.

Industrial founding associates:

The Navigator Company

Aiming to help develop and be able to manufacture papers for functional printed electronics, establishing a portfolio of that includes smart paper & packaging for: display, batteries, electronics, sensor and micro/nanofluidics.

INCM – Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office

Aiming to help develop and have access to smart-paper based solutions for security, identity, brand protection and counterfeiting and track and trace.

Clara Saúde

Aiming to help develop and have access to low cost disposable and smart health and environment diagnostic platforms.

New on board – 2020

Câmara Municipal de Almada

Making the link with the regional ecosystem, with an important role as a living lab and in the strengthening on scientific literacy, bringing citizens, science and technology closer together.

New on board – 2021


Aiming to help develop and have access to smart-paper based solutions for school and office supplies.

We welcome new associates. As an associate you will have access to state-of-the-art research, technologies, services and highly qualified human resources to help you take your ideas and projects to the next level.